In Japanese, Bujinkan means the place for training in the ways of the Warrior Gods.

Tai jutsu translates as skills of the body, and describes all the various methods and abilities which are used to overcome an attacker.  It combines nine martial arts once practiced by the fearless Samurai and the infamous Ninja.

The Bujinkan Dojo was founded by Massaki Hatsumi in 1970’s. He inherited nine schools from his teacher, the famous “Last Ninja” Takamatsu Toshitsugu. Hatsumi sensei created the Bujinkan as a concise way of passing down his teachings to the world, his genius was his training syllabus, known as the Ten Chi Jin Ryaku No Maki. This guides the student from the fundamentals of body movement, through basic techniques and introduces the core forms from the classical schools.

Training at the Harlow Dojo follows the syllabus created by the grandmaster, Along with teaching ways of avoiding violence and finding the nearest route of escape, it also combines effective methods of  throwing an opponent, applying joint locks, striking and kicking. To this we also practice ancient and modern weapons in both a traditional and a realistic way, always in a friendly atmosphere.

Each lesson begins with a set of special stretching exercises which promote a strong and flexible body. These are yoga like movements which improve health and circulation, and prepare your body for training.

The techniques we practice are a combination of classical Samurai Jujutsu and unconventional ninjutsu tactics. Training begins with traditional forms, we then work to understand the teaching encoded in the lesson through experimentation and applying the technique in different situations. Training is always safe, with an attitude of working together rather than competing against each other.

As a Bujinkan member you will receive a training syllabus so that you can chart your progress to gaining your black belt.

We are a social club, we have regular curry nights and often follow a nights training with a well earned visit to the local pub.