My own personal journey into these fascinating arts began in 1991. I remember clearly that first nights training in Harlow under my instructor Norman; I was an inexperienced sixteen year old, and found myself training with a large muscular guy covered in tattoos who worked as a doorman, in that first lesson I learned techniques that would overcome his attacks. I knew then that this was the beginning of a life long search for the inner teachings of the martial arts. Now with over two decades of training behind me I am excited that I still have so much to learn, and that I can pass on my training experiences to you.

 I have trained with some of the most inspiring Master instructors in the UK, Europe and in Japan. Each has taught me a slightly different vision of these arts and also something new about myself. Training with the grandmaster is a fantastic experience which leaves you in amazement, that with a lifetime of dedication, a person can achieve anything.

 I am still a student under Master teacher Norman Smithers, and since his move to Yorkshire it has been my responsibility and honour to continue the teaching at the dojo that he founded. Norman regularly returns to teach special classes at the Dojo, this is a great time for local instructors and students to come together to share his knowledge.